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It's time to evolve infant feeding

Bobbie Labs is an innovation hub fueling Research and Development by bringing together multidisciplinary thought leaders to evolve infant feeding in a science-first approach.

Let’s build the future of infant feeding together

Bobbie Labs is making an investment in scientific research by offering grants to examine the nutritional, social, and environmental questions related to infant feeding. Our Request for Proposals (RFP’s) is now open, and we invite applicants to submit their funding request for projects, such as clinical trials, observational studies, systematic review or meta-analysis, nutrient profiling, or discovery work.

Deadline: April 14, 2023

About Our Grant

Our research pillars

Nutrition & Safety

We are committed to unlock new knowledge about human milk and infant formula to optimize pediatric health & advance industry-wide quality standards.


We are committed to removing stigma associated with infant feeding and enabling all families to feed with confidence.


We are committed to push the status quo of sustainability throughout the infant feeding lifecycle, from on-farm to packaging to at-home practices.

About Our Pillars

Backed by experts

Bobbie Labs is backed by Bobbie’s Scientific Thought Leaders - a team of subject matter experts and organizations passionate about evolving the field of infant feeding.

Together, we’re answering our collective curiosities, building new knowledge through groundbreaking research, and communicating discoveries to drive impact.

Meet Us
featured project

Exploring the mental health impact of moms who's feeding experiences do not live up to their expectations

Bobbie Labs partnered with Maternal & Child Nutrition to estimate the proportion of first-time moms feeding experiences that do not match their pre-birth expectations and explore the impact this mismatch can have on maternal mental health. This survey-based cohort study is expected to be published in August 2022.

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