Let’s build the future of infant feeding together

We invite the scientific community to join us in our efforts to evolve infant feeding. Bobbie Labs supports scientific research projects such as clinical trials, observational studies, systematic review or meta-analysis, nutrient profiling, or discovery work.

Currently, our application window is closed. To stay informed about future Requests for Proposals (RFP’s), join our mailing list.

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How it works

Submit Pre-Proposals

All researchers are invited to submit pre-proposals. After review, decisions and invitations are sent out for full-proposals.

Request Full Proposals

Invited Principal Investigators will have around 6 weeks to submit a full proposal. These are externally reviewed amongst our experts.

Funding is Announced

Roughly one month after the full proposal deadline, funding decisions will be shared.

The funding is just the start

We’re doing things differently because we know that the world is hungry for your data. With access to Bobbie’s resources, platforms, and network, together we can mobilize the discoveries that come out of the funded work to drive impact.

Broad dissemination

Through the Bobbie platforms and resources, we will enable your data to be accessible and approachable to all audiences — academics, practitioners, policymakers, and parents alike.

Making an impact together

Our goal is to have your data impact infant feeding knowledge, policy, and programs. Funded Principal Investigators (PI’s) will have access to Bobbie’s platforms, resources, expertise, mentors, and broad network.

Academic publishing

Presentation at scientific meetings and publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal is strongly encouraged.

Application criteria

Once per year, Bobbie Labs announces a Request for Proposals (RFP). Applicants are invited to submit their request for research project funding via a pre-proposal. Pre-proposals are intended to provide a brief overview of the project. Principal Investigators (PI's) may submit more than one pre-proposal.

Projects can be descriptive, associational, discovery, or experimental.

Your project must focus on one of our three research pillars—Nutrition, Society and Planet.

Information about your team.

Learn more

Project summary.

Learn more

Funding request & timeline.

Learn more

Pre-proposals are due by April 14, 2023.

Bobbie Labs will accept full proposals by invitation only. Full proposals are externally peer-reviewed for scientific merit.

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2023 Research Areas of Interest

Nutrition & Safety

We are committed to unlock new knowledge about human milk and infant formula to optimize pediatric health & advance industry-wide quality standards.


We are committed to removing stigma associated with infant feeding and enabling all families to feed with confidence.


We are committed to push the status quo of sustainability throughout the infant feeding lifecycle, from on-farm to packaging to at-home practices.

More about Our Pillars


What is Bobbie Labs’ policy on indirect costs?
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Bobbie Labs will consider a maximum indirect cost of 10% for the management of the research project by the sponsoring institution. This should be included in the total pre-proposal budget. Bobbie Labs does not permit indirect costs for equipment, including computers.

Can capital purchases, such as computers or lab equipment, be included in the proposed budget?
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In general, equipment (including computers) is not approved for funding by Bobbie Labs. Purchase or modification of permanent equipment may be permitted provided if there is a special need in order to complete the project; however, prior written approval from Bobbie Labs is required.

Does Bobbie Labs accept pre-proposals that are on topics outside of the knowledge pillars?
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No. Submitted pre-proposals must meet the topics described in the pillars.

How long does it typically take to review pre-proposal submissions?
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The Bobbie Labs team will review all pre-proposals within approximately 4 weeks of the deadline for submission. Please do not submit any confidential information in your pre-proposal. If your research is confidential in nature, please reach out to research@hibobbie.com before submitting the actual pre-proposal.

Can Bobbie customers and the community participate in my study?
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Yes. The Bobbie parent community is eager to take part in evolving the field of infant feeding. If there is availability to invite a subset of our community to participate in a funded project, we are happy to support the recruitment strategy.

Are pre-proposal decisions final?
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Yes. The decision made by the Bobbie Labs team on pre-proposal applications is final. Also, the decision notice will not contain a detailed explanation regarding the decision. Bobbie Labs reserves the right to accept or reject pre-proposals in its sole discretion.

When are funds typically awarded?
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Bobbie Labs strives to notify investigators of research awards around 4 weeks after the full proposal deadline and works quick to get contracts in place so work can begin. All funding decisions, including amounts and total awards given, are in the sole discretion of Bobbie Labs.

If my proposal is funded, will I be able to present and publish the results?
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Presentation at scientific meetings and publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal is strongly encouraged. Bobbie Labs is available to assist in the translation and dissemination of the research findings for both academic, medical, and consumer audiences.

What are budget and time constraints on research grants?
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Typical BobbieLabs grants are up to $75,000 per project, however there is no limit to the amount that you’re able to request. Total amount allocated to each grant will be at Bobbie’s sole discretion. The maximum time frame for a research project is 24 months.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
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Reach out via research@hibobbie.com

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