Evolve infant feeding by investing in scientific research and developing trusted solutions

Bobbie Labs is an innovation hub fueling Research and Development by bringing together multidisciplinary thought leaders to evolve infant feeding in a science-first approach. Together we can combine our expertise to transform all aspects of infant feeding, starting with science.

We are centered on three pillars: Nutrition, Society, and Planet.


To truly move the field forward, we need to work collectively

We believe it takes a village of nutrition researchers, pediatricians, dietitians, lactation consultants, psychologists, nurses, behavioral scientists, environmental researchers, to truly explore all aspects of the infant feeding journey.

From discovery to impact

The world is hungry for your data. We help get your findings in front of the right people in the right format. Let’s fuel the engine that is going to inspire the future.

Our goal is to mobilize your discoveries that come out of the funded work. Not only are scientific presentations and peer-reviewed publications encouraged, we believe in making the findings accessible and approachable to all audiences — academics, practitioners, policymakers, and parents alike.

Broad dissemination

Through the Bobbie platforms and resources, we will enable your data to be accessible and approachable to all audiences — academics, practitioners, policymakers, and parents alike.

Making an impact together

Our goal is to have your data impact infant feeding knowledge, policy, and programs. Funded Principal Investigators (PI’s) will have access to Bobbie’s platforms, resources, expertise, mentors, organizational partners, and extensive community network.

Academic publishing

Presentation at scientific meetings and publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal is strongly encouraged.

Guiding principles

We encourage radical curiosity to better understand all aspects of infant feeding, without ever compromising on research integrity. All Bobbie Labs funded projects follow our guiding principles.


Scientific Integrity

We agree that integrity and transparency are essential for scientific advancement. As a member of the Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences’ (IAFNS) Assembly on Scientific Integrity, we proudly commit to following IAFNS’s Guiding Principles for Industry Funding Research to ensure integrity, credibility, and transparency in the research we support.

Our Approach to Funding Scientific Research:


Investigators are expected to conduct research that is factual, transparent, and designed objectively, rather than to favor a particular outcome.


Investigators maintain control of the study design, the research itself, and the interpretation of findings. Contributions by Bobbie Labs – if any – are fully disclosed.


Financial incentives tied to the outcome of a research project are neither offered nor accepted.


Investigators are encouraged to publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals, no matter the results.


All parties commit to full transparency of affiliation and of relevant relationships (financial and non-financial) in research presentations and publications.


Bobbie Labs encourages the practice of open science, including depositing data and methodology on a public repository.   



Results from Bobbie Labs-funded research projects will be reported through publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, abstracts or presentations at scientific meetings, and across mediums to reach a broad audience who can benefit from the discoveries.

Findings from Bobbie Labs-funded research conducted at public institutions will be made publicly available in accordance with federal data sharing policies. 

All projects that receive funding from Bobbie Labs will be committed to full disclosure of the funding source in all reports, presentations and publications.


Public-Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships enable diverse expertise and experiences to solve complex problems that improve public health. We believe that industry, government, and academic scientists can and should work together to advance scientific research.

To ensure a strong ethical foundation and manage potential and perceived conflicts of interest, when we enter public-private research partnerships we commit to following the principles outlined in An Updated Framework for Industry Funding of Food and Nutrition Research: Managing Financial Conflicts and Scientific Integrity, which emphasize honest communication, unbiased project selection, transparency, accountability, mutual trust and cooperation.

Bobbie Labs is powered by Bobbie

Bobbie Labs is powered by Bobbie — an infant formula company founded and led by moms. We are on a mission to advance the field of infant feeding, which cannot be done without investing in scientific research. This is why we created Bobbie Labs.

More about Bobbie

Bobbie's beliefs

We fully agree that human milk, which is dynamic and personal, is the gold standard for infants. We also know, through our own personal experiences and national data from the CDC, that breastfeeding is not always an option. The reality is that 75% of U.S. parents rely on formula in the first six months of life — either because they choose to or have to.

Whatever the reason, we believe that the decision to use formula should not come with an ounce of judgment. We believe that all families deserve to feel confident feeding their little ones the safest and most nutritious food that supports optimal growth and development.

If you want to read more about our perspective on the Infant Feeding Landscape, click below.

About Our Perspective
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