Impact of infant feeding expectations vs. reality on maternal mental health.

This survey-based cohort study follows expectant first-time moms from their third trimester through the first four months postpartum. The data that come out of project will highlight the proportion of new moms whose feeding experiences did not match their pre-birth expectations and explore the impact this mismatch can have on maternal mental health (as measured via validated questionnaires and self-reported feelings of guilt, shame, disappointment, etc.). Additionally, these results will capture how breastfeeding beliefs change over time, what factors are related, and if these beliefs are different or more pronounced among those experiencing more negative emotions/Mental Health challenges.

About the Research Team

A collaboration among Bobbie’s Research team and practicing clinicians - a maternal mental health expert, a registered neonatal nurse, and board–certified pediatricians.

  • Molly Millwood, PhD is a clinical psychologist, licensed psychotherapist with advanced specialized training in women's mental health, author, mom, and Scientific Advisor for Bobbie.
  • Urmeka Jefferson, PhD, RN is a registered neonatal nurse, maternal-child researcher, associate professor, mom, and Scientific Advisor for Bobbie.
  • Dina DiMaggio, MD, FAAP is board-certified pediatrician, AAP Spokesperson, researcher, mom, and Bobbie Medical Research Director
  • Anthony Porto, MD, MPH, FAAP is a board-certified pediatric gastroenterologist, AAP Spokesperson, associate professor of pediatrics, associate chief of pediatric GI at Yale University, researcher, dad, and Bobbie’s Chief Medical Officer
  • Elieke Kearns, PhD, RD is a nutrition scientist, Registered Dietitian, mom, and the Scientific Affairs lead at Bobbie
  • Christina Berberich, PharmD, MPH, RD is a regulatory scientist, mom, and the Vice President of Regulatory and Safety at Bobbie
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